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Genetic Diversity

The home of Outbreed and Mark's scribbles

Saito Nagasaki
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Me - all purpose fanboy, Multimedia Graduate, DJ, Promoter (Outbreed), Songwriter, Composer, Musician, insane urban adventurer of doom! Lover of all things unusual! Hater of tall-poppy-syndrome and socially dysfunctional human beings. Uniter of the dark and the shiny, advocate of Gravers

Love & Peace! *cheeez-zi*

Weaknesses: Girls with blonde (or very brightly coloured) hair, Women (particularly caucasian women) close to 30 years of age ***secret glee!***, Salmon Sashimi with plenty of Wasabi, Bloody Marys +/- Oyster shooter, Rare Steak, Incredibly fast or awesomely inspiring Electronic music and let us not forget


to find about outbreed: http://www.outbreed.org

What is Divine 9?
Divine 9 is an experimental band that innovates and refines non-genre & electro with an epic industrial, trance and breakbeat sound with a gospel-punk thematic.

APRA / AMCOS CAE number: 470728642

Influences: The Prodigy, Infected Mushroom, KMFDM, Front Line Assembly

Band Members:
Writer / Programming / DJ / Visuals: Saito Nagasaki
Co-writer: Raziel
[LIVE] Vocals: Shane
[LIVE] Lead Guitar: Leigh Saragusa
[LIVE] Bass / Keyboards: Ganapatya
[Live] Drums: Tim Fikas

Sound engineer: Yak Sherrit

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